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In my opinion the part of the ecigarette that adds beauty to the design using colour and form. Within the range of brands Colourvape stocks at present, most of the e Cigarette batteries if not all are cylindrical.                               Batteries come in various shapes, colours and sizes and their purpose is to provide the power that heats up the e-liquid, producing vapour. Batteries are categorised by how they are used and they are 1. The automated battery (sucking activates them) and are as a whole a bit easier to use and 2. The manual battery ( activated by the press of a button)  tend to be long lasting .  ECigarettes are no different from most other electronic devices, the larger batteries have a tendency towards giving a greater length of use before requiring a top up recharge. An added advantage of this is that the shelf life of the battery tends to be longer, and as a result it can be recharged many more times before requiring it to be replaced.  As this is an industry standard for batteries, the capacity of the electronic cigarette battery is indicated by mAh as a rule of thumb 100mAh will give the user about an hours use depending on how the product is used.

The term VV refers to variable voltage as seen in the Cigware VV Ego, this feature allows you when vaping to reduce or increase the vaping intensity (and hence produce a strong flavour hit while producing different levels of vapour).By virtue of the nature of e Cigarettes designs most of their batteries are charged using the USB charger, most conventional e Cigarette and electronic cigarette kits in the uk come with chargers.

The four brands sold by Colourvape at present  Cigma, Vapoursson,Cigware, and eKaiser have chargers that are specific to their products and this avoids problems with using cheaper chargers. In adddition to this the Vapoursson Inivie has an innovative and unique magnetic clip, this ensures that users can benefit from a simpler and quicker charging mechanism. This mechanism helps to remove risk of damaging the batteries due to over tightening on the chargers.

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