GQ Magazine Rates our ECigarettes 9/10 & 8/10



Britains Best e-Cigarettes test by GQMagazine;                                                                                                  

Along side some other brands GQ ran a test of a number of different e-Cigarettes they where 1. Series-E Protank by JAC 2. MVP3 and iSub Tank by Innokin  3. The One Box and tank  and our brands 4. Cigma Vape and 5. Vapoursson Innive. Below are the insights that where given into two of the brands we sell on, they where given very high ratings by virtue of the better quality they have and the innovative technology that has been applied to each of these e-Cigarettes, the blend of both this two features make a standout product and got a rating of 9/10 for the Cigma eCigarette brand and 8/10 for the Vapoursson e-Cigarette brand.

Best e-Cigarette in UK by GQ

Cigma Vape  got 9 out of 10 stars

“At 105mm long the Cigma Vape feels like an analogue cigarette. You’ll need two, though, because the battery runs out after around 80 puffs, but each non-adjustable hit is pleasantly Marlboro Light-like. Remember to carry around fluid refills, though, because each charge uses around two.”

GQ Best Ecigarette

Vapoursson Innive got 8 out of 10 stars

“The Vapoursson Innive is the best all-round vape here. You get a non-adjustable cigarette-like hit, the battery’s good for around 800 puffs and the chamber will hold all the e-liquid you’ll need for a day. But the best bit is the charger – instead of unscrewing or plugging, the end slips into a magnetised port, which you attach to a plug via USB.”