Saving by Vaping

Vaping, aside from being a very  pleasurable exercise, also has the added advantage of being a money spinner by saving loads of money on buying  a refillable e-cigarette instead of a traditional cigarette. It is estimated that by vaping you can save on average the amount you buy 10 cigarettes, which costs about £3.33 multiplied by 5 packets or whatever number you consume, minus the cost of the e-liquid. If we assumed an individual smoked 5 packets a week which is an estimate we will use for a heavy smoker. At colourvape we have e-liquids costing anything between £ 2.45 for the ekaiser blue and £ 5.45 for a 10ml bottle of the Cigma and Vapoursson e-Liquids with a 30ml ekaiser e-liquid bottle costing £5.95 . On average a 10ml bottle can last a vaper anything up to 5 days to a week, not to talk of the 30 ml bottle, what this translates to is that a vaper could technically save about £9 or £10 a week or about £40 a month and about £480 a year approximately if an individual smoked a packet of 10 cigarettes a day for 5 days a week. So go ahead and enjoy the savings you make by vaping.






Vaping in 2016

What is going to be the direction in which the vaping industry goes in 2016, that is the million pound question, there  continues to be speculation on what areas of marketing are going to be allowed and what areas will not be, there is also some speculation regarding what products will be given the go ahead and what products will be discontinued or barred in some parts of Europe. At this point the vaping industry and community have to wait and watch. What looks likely though is the rise in the number of people who enjoy using Electronic Cigarettes as opposed to traditional cigarettes or using the different eLiquids and accessories that newbies and aficionados alike seem to continue enjoying.