Colourvape Vapoursson Clearomiser

Clearomizers sometimes have an identical structure to some cartomisers but tend to be bigger and are made of glass or plastic, another feature is they are usually cylindrical. Owing to the material used to construct them they consist of a clear container which allows the user to determine how much eLiquid the user has left. inside of a clearomizer. E-Liquids are delivered to the heating coil by ways of a silica wick. Clearomisers are designed with an atomiser that can be replaced which is placed inside them which can be purchased separately, making them generally the most economical long term solution.


Colurvape cigware cartomiser

Aside from being larger than atomisers, the design of the cartomizer consists of wrapping a polyfill around a heating coil. With this method the polyfill soaks up the e-Liquid that has been poured into it, and as a result this allows the user to have more vaping time.  At Colourvape we have two cartomizer designs. The one described above and the innovative technology from the Cigware brand called the Clear Liquid Cartomizer which is a design which consist of a container with a clear viewer down the side which allows the user to see how much e-Liquid is left to enjoy.


Colourvape ELiquids 10ml

E-Liquids come in many flavours, strengths and bottle sizes. Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Food Flavouring and Nicotine are  just some of  the ingredients that are contained within the contents of E-Liquid.

There are different E-liquid nicotine strengths and they range from 0 mg to 20 mg. At Colourvape we have strengths between 0 mg and 18 mg strengths. This means that vaping can be done without nicotine or for users who want to get that nicotine hit the 18 mg Strength is our strongest, and this range is usually suitable for anyone new to electronic cigarettes, and everyone from extremely light to the heavy vapers.

All our e-liquids carry important safety information and those containing nicotine are classed as Toxic and should always be stored safely and away from children and pets.