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There are a number of different varieties of E-Cigarettes the first types produced and electronic cigars which are quite similar, the eGos and the mods but for the purpose of this article we shall really examine the cigalikes and the eGos. To focus on functionality, we have divide them in to two main categories, which are the disposable and rechargeable types The disposable types where the first to arrive on the market and are still in use because though people use both types of e cigarettesColourvape e cigarette vapoursson and e-Cigars, it depends on their preference. An example of a few of these preferences can be seen with the disposable tend to be discrete and are very quick and straight forward to use, while the rechargeable gives greater flexibility, longer battery use and a wide E-liquid choice, “nothing is set in stone”, however vaping can be enjoyed the most by using the type of E Cigarette that best suits your purpose or needs.Colourvape e cigar ekaiser

Electronic Cigarettes are manufactured in different sizes and come in a packet or as a package which consists of an eCigarette and a usb charger and also comes as  eCigarette kits which contain a set consisting of a choice of a number of either an extra battery, cartomizers, or clearomizer. Some rechargeable eCigarettes have the traditional cigarette like look referred to as cigalike, the Cigma Vape  Colourvape ecigarette cigmavapefits into this category they are suitable for light smokers and for those on the go as it is described as the smallest refillable ecigarette in the UK, while other rechargeable eCigarettes and ecigarette Kits could be more suitable to moderate and heavy smokers because they have a greater volume for Eliquids and catridges and higher capacity batteries.

Although the vast array of products for vaping may at first seem daunting, the rechargeable electronic cigarette can be simplified into three main components:

A battery  With this component of the electronic cigarette size does matter because smaller batteries need charging more frequently.

Some Kind of Container  You find this referred to as an atomiser, a cartomiser or a clearomiser also sometimes with the larger capacity containers it is called a tank. E liquids are poured in here.

And the Liquid usually called E Liquid This transparent or opaque liquid is normally but not always flavoured and sometimes contains nicotine (in different strengths)