ecigarette 108 PCC

ecigarette 108 PCC

hot saleDSE 801PCC green smoke electronic cigarette

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Function Of Electronic Cigarette DSE901PCC Description:
Charging parameter: Input voltage for PCC is 5V, Input current 500mA, Charging voltage to e-cigarette by PCC is 4.2V.
Display fuction: LCD will turns on when the button be pressed. And it shows the voltage of the inner battery. 5 seconds after press, Blue backlight will turn on and LCD wents out.
E-cigarette charging fuction: Press the button for 3 seconds, Green LED will flash 5 times, then charging starts. The red light turns on when the button is pressed, that means the e-cigarette is being charged. The E-cigarette is fully charged when the green light turn on. (It light goes on for 5 seconds then go out). PCC will stop charging automaticlly if there is no e-cigarette battery is connected to.
E-cigarette case charging fuction: When the USB connection on the case is connected to USB charger, then the battery inside the case is being charged. Meanwhile LCD turns on. It means the case is under charging when voltage lattices on LCD are rolling. When fully charged, the voltage lattices stop rolling and the latttice quantity arrives at the top andAnd 5 seconds later, LCD goes out.
An e-cigarette can be charged at the time of charging the e-cigarette case.When the PCC inner battery voltage is low than 3.3V, pls press the button for 3 seconds then Red LED will flash 5 times, then PCC can’t be able to charge e-cigarette. It reminders users to charge PCC in time.

Ecigarette smoke light

Ecigarette smoke light

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Unboxing Ncig (the new E-cigarette) 2019

Unboxing Ncig (the new E-cigarette) 2019

Ncig by Nasty Juice (Leading vape brand United Kingdom 2018)

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1. Ncig
2. FREE 4 types of flavour
3. Magnetic charger Dock

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Innokin DV: une e cigarette facile à vivre et performante

Innokin DV: une e cigarette facile à vivre et performante

Merci à Innokin d ‘avoir permis cette vidéo.

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E-cig explosion: Florida man in coma after e cigarette explodes in his face while vaping – TomoNews

E-cig explosion: Florida man in coma after e cigarette explodes in his face while vaping – TomoNews

NAPLES, FLORIDA — Evan Spahlinger, is in a coma after an electronic cigarette that he was puffing on blew up in his face.

The twenty-one-year-old was in his bedroom of his family’s Naples, Florida home at the time of the accident. His sister was in another room with her son when she heard an explosion followed by a strong smell of smoke. She found her brother on the floor, his face and neck covered in soot. She said he looked like he might have been gasping for air.

The North Collier Fire & Rescue believe the explosion was likely caused by the lithium-ion battery which powers the e-cig. Doctors at NCH Downtown Naples Hospital said the explosion shot the mouthpiece down his throat where it may have exploded again.

Spahlinger was taken to NCH Downtown Naples Hospital where he was placed in a medically induced coma to help cope with the pain. He was flown to a Miami hospital on Tuesday for cosmetic surgery. He told his sister he will never smoke e-cigarettes again.

The US Fire Administration say there are more than more than 2.5 million e-cigarette users. Between 2009 and 2014 there were 25 incidents where an e-cigarette exploded, most of which occurred while the device was charging.


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Сигареты Xiaomi A&D e-cigarette как бросить курить? Электронные сигареты – как тут бросишь курить?

Сигареты Xiaomi A&D e-cigarette как бросить курить? Электронные сигареты – как тут бросишь курить?

Пришло время поговорить про Xiaomi A&D e-cigarette! Как утверждает производитель – умные и полезные! Обзор и впечатления от обычного пользователя. Xiaomi A&D e-cigarette – действительно-ли такие полезные? Или в очередной раз – маркетологи делают из обывателя дурака преподнося вредное за полезное…