Nicotine Eliquid


Vapoursson Nicotine 0MgThere are numerous types of ELiquids or “Juices” as its called stateside. But before we explore them any further we will say that different e-liquids have different ingredient compositions depending on the type of effect that the manufacturer is trying to achieve. At Colourvape we have all the e liquids that consist of some main ingredients. Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Nicotine to name some. It is widley assumed that nicotine is the ingridient that most causes the most harm. The same information as has been reported with traditional cigarettes, but from research it actually shows there  are a number of other different chemicals and additives in traditional cigarettes. It is suspected that there are probably between 1,000 and 2,000 or more as at the last count, which are far more harmful than nicotine.

A lot of products which are prescribed on the NHS (National Health Service) and GP’s, these products are classed pharmaceutical products such as gums and patches contain nicotine. Nicotine found in e-liquid is used to satisfy the craving  and but does not have the tar and other chemicals found in a traditional cigarette has, and as a result allows vapers to still enjoy the same sensation as smoking.

At Colourvape our E-liquids contain various nicotine strengths from 0mg , 6mg, 8mg, 10mg, 12mg and  18 mg, this can be found in different E-liquid flavours such as those present in Vapoursson the Classic Tobacco flavour, Cigma have the Watermelon flavour . Using a very arbitrary set of  guidelines we recommend that those smoking a few cigarettes per day start with the lower strength, and if you area an average smoker you might want to start with the medium strength and heavier smokers can start with the high strength.

It is important to remember that nicotine strengths depend on the individual and what suits one person loves another will hate, so we recommend trying different strengths we have between 0 mg to 18 mg in the 10 ml bottle until you find what strength is best for you.

A Warning About Nicotine

Nicotine contained  in E-liquids in its pure form is classified as a poison and it is harmful if swallowed or if it has any prolonged contact with the skin.

Saving by Vaping

Vaping, aside from being a very  pleasurable exercise, also has the added advantage of being a money spinner by saving loads of money on buying  a refillable e-cigarette instead of a traditional cigarette. It is estimated that by vaping you can save on average the amount you buy 10 cigarettes, which costs about £3.33 multiplied by 5 packets or whatever number you consume, minus the cost of the e-liquid. If we assumed an individual smoked 5 packets a week which is an estimate we will use for a heavy smoker. At colourvape we have e-liquids costing anything between £ 2.45 for the ekaiser blue and £ 5.45 for a 10ml bottle of the Cigma and Vapoursson e-Liquids with a 30ml ekaiser e-liquid bottle costing £5.95 . On average a 10ml bottle can last a vaper anything up to 5 days to a week, not to talk of the 30 ml bottle, what this translates to is that a vaper could technically save about £9 or £10 a week or about £40 a month and about £480 a year approximately if an individual smoked a packet of 10 cigarettes a day for 5 days a week. So go ahead and enjoy the savings you make by vaping.






Vaping in 2016

What is going to be the direction in which the vaping industry goes in 2016, that is the million pound question, there  continues to be speculation on what areas of marketing are going to be allowed and what areas will not be, there is also some speculation regarding what products will be given the go ahead and what products will be discontinued or barred in some parts of Europe. At this point the vaping industry and community have to wait and watch. What looks likely though is the rise in the number of people who enjoy using Electronic Cigarettes as opposed to traditional cigarettes or using the different eLiquids and accessories that newbies and aficionados alike seem to continue enjoying.



Colourvape Vapoursson Clearomiser

Clearomizers sometimes have an identical structure to some cartomisers but tend to be bigger and are made of glass or plastic, another feature is they are usually cylindrical. Owing to the material used to construct them they consist of a clear container which allows the user to determine how much eLiquid the user has left. inside of a clearomizer. E-Liquids are delivered to the heating coil by ways of a silica wick. Clearomisers are designed with an atomiser that can be replaced which is placed inside them which can be purchased separately, making them generally the most economical long term solution.


Colurvape cigware cartomiser

Aside from being larger than atomisers, the design of the cartomizer consists of wrapping a polyfill around a heating coil. With this method the polyfill soaks up the e-Liquid that has been poured into it, and as a result this allows the user to have more vaping time.  At Colourvape we have two cartomizer designs. The one described above and the innovative technology from the Cigware brand called the Clear Liquid Cartomizer which is a design which consist of a container with a clear viewer down the side which allows the user to see how much e-Liquid is left to enjoy.


Colourvape ELiquids 10ml

E-Liquids come in many flavours, strengths and bottle sizes. Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Food Flavouring and Nicotine are  just some of  the ingredients that are contained within the contents of E-Liquid.

There are different E-liquid nicotine strengths and they range from 0 mg to 20 mg. At Colourvape we have strengths between 0 mg and 18 mg strengths. This means that vaping can be done without nicotine or for users who want to get that nicotine hit the 18 mg Strength is our strongest, and this range is usually suitable for anyone new to electronic cigarettes, and everyone from extremely light to the heavy vapers.

All our e-liquids carry important safety information and those containing nicotine are classed as Toxic and should always be stored safely and away from children and pets.

The ecigarette,electronic cigar,eliquid and vaping

There are a number of different varieties of E-Cigarettes the first types produced and electronic cigars which are quite similar, the eGos and the mods but for the purpose of this article we shall really examine the cigalikes and the eGos. To focus on functionality, we have divide them in to two main categories, which are the disposable and rechargeable types The disposable types where the first to arrive on the market and are still in use because though people use both types of e cigarettesColourvape e cigarette vapoursson and e-Cigars, it depends on their preference. An example of a few of these preferences can be seen with the disposable tend to be discrete and are very quick and straight forward to use, while the rechargeable gives greater flexibility, longer battery use and a wide E-liquid choice, “nothing is set in stone”, however vaping can be enjoyed the most by using the type of E Cigarette that best suits your purpose or needs.Colourvape e cigar ekaiser

Electronic Cigarettes are manufactured in different sizes and come in a packet or as a package which consists of an eCigarette and a usb charger and also comes as  eCigarette kits which contain a set consisting of a choice of a number of either an extra battery, cartomizers, or clearomizer. Some rechargeable eCigarettes have the traditional cigarette like look referred to as cigalike, the Cigma Vape  Colourvape ecigarette cigmavapefits into this category they are suitable for light smokers and for those on the go as it is described as the smallest refillable ecigarette in the UK, while other rechargeable eCigarettes and ecigarette Kits could be more suitable to moderate and heavy smokers because they have a greater volume for Eliquids and catridges and higher capacity batteries.

Although the vast array of products for vaping may at first seem daunting, the rechargeable electronic cigarette can be simplified into three main components:

A battery  With this component of the electronic cigarette size does matter because smaller batteries need charging more frequently.

Some Kind of Container  You find this referred to as an atomiser, a cartomiser or a clearomiser also sometimes with the larger capacity containers it is called a tank. E liquids are poured in here.

And the Liquid usually called E Liquid This transparent or opaque liquid is normally but not always flavoured and sometimes contains nicotine (in different strengths)

The ecigarette battery

Colourvape ecigarette batteries

In my opinion the part of the ecigarette that adds beauty to the design using colour and form. Within the range of brands Colourvape stocks at present, most of the e Cigarette batteries if not all are cylindrical.                               Batteries come in various shapes, colours and sizes and their purpose is to provide the power that heats up the e-liquid, producing vapour. Batteries are categorised by how they are used and they are 1. The automated battery (sucking activates them) and are as a whole a bit easier to use and 2. The manual battery ( activated by the press of a button)  tend to be long lasting .  ECigarettes are no different from most other electronic devices, the larger batteries have a tendency towards giving a greater length of use before requiring a top up recharge. An added advantage of this is that the shelf life of the battery tends to be longer, and as a result it can be recharged many more times before requiring it to be replaced.  As this is an industry standard for batteries, the capacity of the electronic cigarette battery is indicated by mAh as a rule of thumb 100mAh will give the user about an hours use depending on how the product is used.

The term VV refers to variable voltage as seen in the Cigware VV Ego, this feature allows you when vaping to reduce or increase the vaping intensity (and hence produce a strong flavour hit while producing different levels of vapour).By virtue of the nature of e Cigarettes designs most of their batteries are charged using the USB charger, most conventional e Cigarette and electronic cigarette kits in the uk come with chargers.

The four brands sold by Colourvape at present  Cigma, Vapoursson,Cigware, and eKaiser have chargers that are specific to their products and this avoids problems with using cheaper chargers. In adddition to this the Vapoursson Inivie has an innovative and unique magnetic clip, this ensures that users can benefit from a simpler and quicker charging mechanism. This mechanism helps to remove risk of damaging the batteries due to over tightening on the chargers.